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Make Your Pantry Functional

Most of us need a pantry to hold groceries, various chemicals, pots, and other things – anything you want. How can you make your kitchen and pantry functional, practical and stylish at the same time? We have prepared some ideas for organizing a pantry – shelves and doors that hide them in style.

Built-in pantries

A built-in pantry is a cool idea for smaller kitchens and when you don’t have a separate space for a pantry. Just build a pantry right into your kitchen – order some cabinets with shelves for them, they can be closed or have glass doors, and they can be bigger or smaller – it depends on how much storage space you need. The style of your kitchen stays the same and you don’t have to look for a separate pantry. If you want an even more functional pantry – think pull-out shelves – this applies not just to built-in ones, but to any pantry as a whole. They make things easier to access and are a very practical solution, especially for a built-in pantry. You can also combine such shelves with usual built-in ones.

Practical doors

Sliding doors are the first option when you want maximum functionality and space utilization. Go for any style of your doors – but let them slide so they don’t take up any space or space overall. This is a super practical idea.

Glass doors let in light and allow you to see what’s in the pantry. This means you can keep the clutter out and still see everything. Glass gives the room a modern feel. So if it fits your concept, go ahead! You can also combine the two ideas for sliding doors and glass doors at the same time – that’s super nervous!

If you really want to combine modernity with functionality, a panel door is the way to go. Messages, shopping lists, pictures, wishes, pictures and other things can be displayed on it seamlessly. You can also get sliding panel doors – such a cool combination!

French doors are not only functional, there is something very charming about having French doors, they are practical yet beautiful to look at. Not only do they help make the space better, but they also promote the way you look at things.

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