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Loveseats For Indoors Outdoors

Loveseats first appeared in the 17th century and were basically larger chairs that nobles sat in to arrange their puffy clothes. At that time, they also became popular with couples who enjoyed the privacy of these seats, so the pieces got their name – “love seats”. Today, a loveseat is an alternative to a sofa, a smaller piece of seating furniture for a tiny living room, bedroom, guest room or home office. If you are looking for one, you will love this roundup of the coolest designs on the internet!

Padded loveseats

An upholstered love seat is a wonderful piece to relax in! It can be bigger or smaller, with different designs, shapes and lines, with all kinds of upholstery and details, it’s entirely up to you and your space. There are love seats for literally every decorating style and of course you can opt for a contrasting piece to accent the space. Try a traditional rust-colored love seat for a mid-century modern room, a sleek, tufted powder blue love seat for your bedroom, or a soothing gray for a modern farmhouse. Neutral love seats can easily fuse almost any room, while bold and bright seats stand out and make a statement. You can create more eye catching with texture that rocks a velvet or leather love seat. A loveseat helps you to create a reading or relaxation corner of your dreams, is a nice storage / seating element in your bedroom or fills an uncomfortable corner.

Not padded loveseats

If the style of your space calls for a non-upholstered love seat, pieces like this exist too! Most are rattan and wicker that are designed to be placed outdoors and in your outdoor areas. However, you can also sue them inside, for example in the design of a boho living room or entrance.

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