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Lighting With Sculptural Curves

If you’re a fan of ultra-minimalist and bold modern design, I have a whole range of lights for you! The NUR collection by José Ignacio Ballester is an effective, pure and minimalist lighting range with elegant lines in suspension.

NUR consists of lamps of various formats, ceiling, table and application, specially built on a light aluminum profile with a diffuser made of frosted polycarbonate and flexible, allowing the curves and curves that characterize their designs. With two different versions, one in silver combined with chrome, with LED 3000k for an avant-garde and modern atmosphere. And the other, in brown oxide, with warm light 2800k, for classic or rustic surroundings.

ONLY XL, a sinuous set of curves and curves, drawn by simple and clean lines that wrap each other with care and sensitivity. This creates an attractive and elegant luminaire with a minimalist composition that can produce warm and subtle lighting, but powerful and effective to create a calm and comfortable environment for the user.

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