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Light Shelf For Highlighting Items

Most lamps are only useful when they are on: they work as a light source. Some of them also become a bold and cool part of the decor, even when turned off. But Ilsangisang Design Studio went further: they created an amazing lamp that aims to emphasize something and display what you want – even if you never turn it on, it’s a super useful piece!

The piece is called Light Shelf and consists of a lamp and a small table on one wall. You can put anything you want on the shelf and this piece will be displayed at its best. Even when the lamp is off, it works as a beautiful display, and that was the designers’ purpose – to make sense of a lamp that is off. Once it has found its place, it can serve as a shelf or note / photo board.

The lamp is available in different color combinations to suit your space. This is not your usual lamp, this fun and cool piece is worth buying to display something you really like (and your kids, too).

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