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Light Filled House With Patios

OOIIO Architecture has completed a single family home, GAS House, in Toledo, Spain. Their clients, a young couple, wanted a bright house on a plot of land where natural light wasn’t particularly abundant. As a result, the OOIOO team had to organize the house around four patios that were strategically placed on the site to serve as sources of light and natural ventilation.

When looking at La Mancha’s traditional courtyards, the architects found that the lower parts of the courtyards were made of ceramic baseboards. The height of the individual courtyards changes depending on the function of the “nobility”, as the architects called them. A more intimate, personal function, such as the living and dining area, is the noblest and therefore highest terrace on the property. The lowest is now the garage.

In this modern home, the architects decided to invert it and place the ceramics below: the courtyards are covered with hexagonal pieces of ceramic so that when the light falls through the courtyards, it has a specific, noticeable visual personality.

In terms of furniture and decor, you’ll find eclecticism inside – mostly contemporary pieces and art paired with vintage and even modern items from the mid-century and entire zones, for example a dining set made entirely of heavy and dark wood . Check out this unique house below and get inspired!

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