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Life A 3d Heart Shaped Pendant Lamp

Designers take inspiration from ever more unusual things, and today’s piece is inspired by the hearts and lives of people themselves. As they get older, their heart rate drops by about one beat per minute. With this guide, Estudio Guto Requena looked at the life cycle as the inspiration for his latest creation: the life lamp.

For the manufacture of the lamp, the Sao Paulo-based design studio collected audio files from three different subject areas: a baby in the womb, a 35-year-old and an 80-year-old. The designers then sent this information through a software system that used the collected data to draw lines that resembled a rhizon. They were then 3D printed to make three lamps of different sizes.

The faster the heartbeat, the thicker the lines, making the baby’s heartbeat lamp more condensed and tightly wrapped than the older person’s. Each pendant luminaire not only illuminates a room, but also illuminates the pulse that gives us life. This is a unique idea for any room and is sure to become a conversation starter.

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