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Lamps Inspired by Dawn Light

The Chinese studio Neri & Hu created a lamp collection that is inspired by the early morning sunlight. The lights are called Xi, which means “light of dawn” in Chinese, a specific time in the morning when the sun is just rising.

The collection consists of two hanging lamps and a table lamp and combines traditional Eastern design with Italian leather and Venetian hand-blown glass. Each piece contains two different types of hand-blown glass – the top glass part has an evenly fluted surface and is transparent but colored with amber, emerald, sapphire or moonstone tones. The lower part of the glass is mother-of-pearl etched in order to achieve a translucent, matt effect and to achieve a “warm and diffuse” light. The light can also be adjusted using a dimmer system.

Saddle leather strips are wrapped around the body of light. In the hanging version the leather cord acts as a support, in the table version the leather cord acts as both a support and a handle and anchors it to its metal base with a natural brass finish. The hanging lamps are placed on a hanging horizontal pole, the height of which can be adjusted. The lights can be moved to different positions using the bar. The soft light from these lamps is reminiscent of early morning sunlight: it’s not bright, but very calming and delicate.

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