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Lamp Providing Internet Connection

The more functional the piece, the more popular it becomes, and the lamp we share today is definitely going to be popular! The MyLiFi from Oledcomm appears to be an adjustable LED work lamp made of aluminum, but it is more than just a lamp: it can also transmit an internet connection using only light.

Light Fidelity, also known as Li-Fi, is an innovative wireless technology invented by Oledcomm’s founder, Suat Topsu. Theoretically, it promises connection speeds of up to 13 MB / s download and 10 MB / s upload with light-emitting diodes (LED) instead of standard WLAN routers. Li-Fi modulates the light emitted by an LED light at an imperceptibly fast speed. These light signals are received by a dongle and translated into data that ultimately captures what we see and hear on our screen while surfing the Internet.

Due to the technology, the lamp equipped with Li-Fi also eliminates electromagnetic emissions. And because a signal requires a line of sight for the emitted light, networks cannot be intercepted as easily as traditional WiFi networks. This light-to-dongle requirement can prove beneficial for security, but it also highlights the limitation of a Li-Fi network: you are only in internet range while under the luminescence.

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