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Lamp Pivots To Offer Illumination

Barcelona-based Marset brand Bicoca lamp was born with the optimism of brightening life and accompanying the good times everywhere.

The Bicoca was designed by Belgian designer Christophe Mathieu for Marset and has a cylindrical base that tapers to a triangular point at the top like a pencil. The circular shade rests on top and rotates to allow lighting in different directions. This new colorful, lightweight portable lamp emits an intimate light that adds warmth to all of your personal spaces.

The lamp has a dimmer that allows you to change the illuminance of the LED lamp and save the energy of the battery operated device. It takes 10 hours to fully charge the battery and takes 20 hours at quarter power, 10 hours at half power, and five hours at full power. Available in six different colors – including off-white, anthracite blue, light blue and red wine – Bicoca adapts to a range of interiors and styles. Get inspired and get yourself some convenient and cool swivel lamps!

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