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Lamp Like Liquid Metal

I don’t know about you folks, but to me that unusual ceiling lamp reminded me of liquid mercury glass or metal. For those with the deep pockets who want to install a constellation of otherworldly, amorphous, metallic ovids on their ceiling, Skydro might be just the thing.

In its broad appropriation of elementary forms, this innovative Ross Lovegrove lamp is reminiscent of heaven and earth, the sky above and below ground, the vastness of space and the compound secrets of the molten pressure in the bowels of the earth. The light also resembles a shiny, interstellar pebble that has been polished to a satin sheen by undiscovered forces.

The lamp has a mirror-treated die-cast aluminum diffuser and a painted steel bearing structure. The light source is LED, and the whole piece is a visionary’s dream: individual units can be added and assembled for custom applications, creating possibilities for a whole nest of skydros on corridors within salons. I also think Skydro is a great idea if you want to add a touch of galaxy to your space, which is a hot trend right now.

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