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Lamp Inspired by Water Lilies

Nature, flora and fauna inspire designers and architects, and the piece we show today is one of those objects that is inspired by a beautiful flower. The Lumme lamp series is the latest lighting design by Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto. Its soft shape was greatly influenced by the lake nature of your holiday home in Karjalohja, Finland. The organic shape of the leaves used in the lampshade makes the overall shape of the lamp simple yet soft – just like anything I like to create, be it interior or product.

Lumme was designed with a large, solid steel base as a counterweight. A long, thin metal shaft protrudes from the bottom up, where an adjustable metal lamp appears to be floating above it. The gently curved shape and the thin edges of the shadow imitate the delicate beauty of a water lily. Under the shadow, the light bulb appears subtle depending on the viewing angle. The design by Joanna Laajisto consists of floor and table editions, both available in white and black to make them easier to match your interior.

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