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Lamp Inspired by Solar System

Today’s piece is pure cosmos! This unique lamp was inspired by the solar system and in particular the earth, moon and sun, which are the main parts of the galaxy for each of us.

The Orrery lamp by designer Bobby Genalo celebrates the choreography between earth, moon and sun and functions as a minimal and dimmable solar system. The warm light is an adjustable and abstract representation of our world and its moon as we orbit our star. It has an accompanying website where users can adjust the floor or table lamp to match the real-time positions of these three objects in the room. The result is a playful yet very elegant design that promotes fascination for our universe and other galaxies.

The orrery lamp takes its name from the mechanical models of our solar system, ‘orreries’, which were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries when astronomers illustrated the positions of planets. The lighting design rotates two walnut balls around a custom hand blown glass diffuser that rests on a machined brass structure. There are two different versions – a floor and a table version as well as different surfaces. So choose yours!

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