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Korean Hats Side Tables

The piece of furniture we share today is inspired by traditional Korean hats and accessories. The traditional accessories “Gat” – the hat – and “Norigae” – the ornament – have a connection with contemporary fashion that goes well with simple outfits and some jewelry based on minimalism. The designer Jung-Hoon Lee expresses these characteristics through his work – the Yang Ban table is decorated with metallic pearl necklaces.

The side tables are made of wood and metal, the tables represent the beauty of classic Korean fashion and the greatness of the local dynasties of the ruling class. The shape of the tables came from ‘Soban’, a traditional Korean small side table. The designer used his stable and restrained lines to evoke the graceful image of indigenous Korean design. The collection consists of a range of contemporary furniture that expresses the beauty of traditional Korean handicrafts and is a generally acceptable design element. Choose your piece, color, size and finish and enjoy!

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