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Kitchen Lights

A kitchen is a functional space in which you cook, sometimes eat and can do a thousand more things. Therefore it should be properly lit. Installing the right lighting in your kitchen will bring out the most of your kitchen design, the food you prepare and the way that space makes you feel. Any good kitchen lighting design is made up of different layers to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. At the same time, it offers functional work lighting and highlights various accents for an attractive overall aesthetic. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right lights for the room.

Pendant / chandelier

Pendants or chandeliers are great for general or ambient lighting and can add visual interest – a key feature in the kitchen. When choosing these decorative fixtures for your kitchen, be sure to choose units that cast light in all directions to enhance the general ambient lighting in the room. Or, alternatively, choose one with a shadow that directs light downward to create work lighting, especially over an island. You can choose smaller tags that can be placed next to each other to create a more open feel and differentiate the living space from the kitchen, or larger, heavier tags to make a decorative statement.

Ceiling lights

LED channel lights have replaced fluorescent lights in the kitchen. LED channels are extremely energy efficient, offer very high lighting, a slim design and are maintenance-free because the LED lights are built-in. The latest models even have built-in presence sensors, which are perfect for the pantry, the scullery or the laundry in your kitchen space.

Under cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lighting is a must in the kitchen – it provides a great source of work lighting above your countertops. To get the lighting installation right under the cabinet, you need to hide the lights behind the edge of the closets so that you can only see the light and not the fixture. For the work lighting, the luminaire must be positioned in the first third of the cabinet. However, if you want to highlight a nice backsplash, it is best to position the light fixture at the back of the cabinet where it meets the wall behind. LED under-cabinet or slimline fittings, as well as LED strip lights, are both great sources of lighting under the cabinet.

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