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Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Choosing the flooring for a kitchen can be tricky because it should be practical and stylish at the same time. We wash, cut, cook, drop and spill lots of things in the kitchen so that the floors can survive and still look beautiful. Do you need ideas? Here we go!

Tile kitchen floors

Tile is one of the most durable and practical options for flooring. They can take a lot of things with ease and look cool. The only thing that can happen to tiles is breaking, but you have to drop something really heavy to break them. Choose eye-catching patterns and looks. The tiles can be the same as on the backsplash or some contrasting. If you want a calm look, choose neutral tiles for the floor decoration. There are tiles that imitate wood for those who want a warm touch.

Brick and stone floors

Brick and stone are recommended if you want an unbreakable and durable cover for the floors. Whitewashed bricks in some patterns will add a laid-back look to your kitchen, and stone is all about rustic decor. You can also use paving slabs that resemble stone or brick for a necessary look, and they are no less durable.

Wood kitchen floors

Wood is the most fragile cover for the floor as it can dry and change shape. It can be damaged or stained with various spilled substances. Still don’t worry, today there are plenty of cool surfaces that wood floors can use to survive various problems and still look great. Wood floors are great for all types of kitchens, from coastal kitchens to modern ones. It depends on the look of your wood.

Mixed kitchen floors

One of the hottest trends in home decor is mixing different types of floors to highlight different zones in your home. In the kitchen, this mixing can be caused for another reason: functionality. If you love wood but think it won’t stand up to cooking, mess around tile or brick floors under the cooking zones and wooden boards. Such a mixture looks very noticeable and will help you to protect your wooden covering.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl can come in panels or as tiles. Because of its practicality, it’s a great choice for kitchen floors. Vinyl is easy to install and can withstand common kitchen needs. It’s usually waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to care for.

Kitchen mats and carpets

Even a small, simple kitchen mat could become a cool touch on different types of floors. It could add a touch of color to gray concrete or a touch of coziness to dull-looking tiles.

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