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Jungle Villa Industrial Facade

On a jungle slope in Costa Rica, this luxury home literally blends into its wild surroundings thanks to its low profile and green roof. The house, built by architects Dagmar Štěpánová and Martina Homolková from Formafatal, has an industrial facade and a luxurious interior.

The exterior of the house is protected by a perforated, rusted metal screen that filters the sunlight and helps cool the interior. At the same time, it’s open enough to enjoy the view through the screens. The pattern in the perforated metal facade was specially placed to maximize the view from certain areas, e.g. B. when you are lying in bed or sitting in the closed part of the deck along the window. The shape of the residence makes it easy to include movable glass walls and doors that can continue to blend inside and out.

Everywhere in the light-flooded living space, elements are characterized by clean lines and minimal visual disturbance to encourage a zen and peaceful atmosphere that is fully focused on nature. Natural wood paneling on the ceiling is combined with industrial finishes to evoke the exterior that blends the rusty, burnt facade with the wild surroundings. Window walls look out over the sea and the jungle panorama and make the most of the house’s spectacular location. Walls with an industrial look fit harmoniously into the floors. which are the color of a natural concrete. Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are defined with a selection of tile patterns in subdued, complementary hues. The house was created to break down all barriers between outside and inside, resulting in a simple and naturally oriented home.

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