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Jaw Dropping Vehicle Table

Are you missing some bold and crazy designs? We are ready to share some! Discommon created a unique coffee table that is perfectly shaped to grab the attention of everyone in the room. Perfectly crafted from a four-foot-long, four-inch-thick block of aluminum, this range of coffee tables leaves you with your jaw lowered.

The original idea was a vehicle shape that emerged from molten metal and that is exactly the look they achieved. When deciding to only run a series of ten tables, Discommon strictly designs only one vehicle per table and does not repeat a vehicle twice. The customer of the table has a free hand over which vehicle is incorporated into the table – this includes airplanes, trains and automobiles. From here, the team at Discommon will carefully CAD model the surface work and ensure that this final design looks exactly like the aspiring vehicle they are trying to achieve. You can already see the first two models in the collection and they are just wow, I think the rest won’t be any worse!

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