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Jaw Dropping Pili And Nevo Lighting Collections

Spain is famous for crazy surrealist art and architecture and the lighting collections we present today are just like that. Designer Arturo Alvarez has already unveiled several stunning lighting collections, but I want to share two of the most spectacular (in my opinion of course).

The Pili collection consists of a single lacquered stainless steel thread that is interwoven, creating random volumes and a harmonious irregularity of the packaging, which is full of charm and mystery and through which the whimsical light escapes. It is available in two sizes that allow visually stunning compositions when multiple units are combined.

The NEVO collection reflects the extreme malleability of stainless steel grids better than any other. The unrepeatable organic shapes of the Nevo with its hand-sculpted curves make each lamp a unique design that is different from the others. Its volumes seem to be in constant development and movement due to their shape and the folds in which the light plays. It’s one of the company’s largest collections, including pendant lights, floor and wall lights, and even cascading chandeliers.

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