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Japanese Aesthetic Wabi Sabi Home Decor Ideas

The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi is based on the idea of ​​the beauty of imperfection. This old, complicated concept comes from Zen Buddhism and shares its characteristics such as austerity and communication with nature. Wabi-sabi is all about asymmetry, modesty and simplicity – nothing polished, nothing glittery, just enjoy the real textures and looks. Wabi-sabi styles go well with minimalist, modern, industrial, and even shabby chic and farmhouse styles – choose what you prefer for a very clean and natural or a cozy and rough look.

If you’ve decided on this style, earthly tones like brown, beige, taupe, creamy white, green, and all sorts of grays are the best way to go. Atmospheric rooms, which are so popular now, can easily be designed in the wabi-sabi style and look very natural. For furniture, choose unfinished, rough edges and incomplete shapes. Worn parts also fit perfectly with the Wabi-Sabi concept. Natural and coarse fabrics would look organic in such an interior, like handmade accessories made of natural stone or wood. You can also bring some natural details like sticks, twigs, pebbles, stones and rocks and even freshen up the rooms with some green in pots or vases. Just don’t go too lush or use flowers – they don’t belong in this style. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

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