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Japandi Interior Design Ideas

Japandi (or Scandinavian) is one of the newest decor trends right now this year and it’s here to stay. What is Japandi? This is a mix of two styles: modern and rustic Scandinavian and traditional elegance of Japanese decor. It is not surprising that these two styles are mixed into one. Both are about creating functional interiors with some statement pieces and not a lot of decor. Together, these styles make an amazing take on minimalism that is cozier and more comfortable than it is: the Nordic style adds cozy rustic accents, while the Japanese design offers a more varied color palette and warmth. Interested? Then let’s look at some principles by which you can build such an interior.

Contrasting colors

The Scandinavian style is characterized by a mix of light, neutral tones, natural woods and pastel-colored accents. The Japanese style consists of stained or light-colored woods surrounded by eye-catching black accents. In order to get a Japandi room, create a mix of dark hues and light woods, the accents also need to be monochrome if you want to add some vibrant accents with a natural feel, such as indoor plants. Try a timeless black + white + light wood for a beautiful modern and cozy room.

Choose furniture of both styles

Both Scandinavian and Japanese furniture are characterized by clean lines and functionality, but there are some differences: Nordic furniture is usually light, and Japanese furniture is often darker in color and more elegant in shape. Use a mix of furniture – some pieces in one style, others in the other, don’t hesitate to use different shades of wood and both curved and straight lines, they will add interest to the space.

Adding instruction accessories

You won’t see a lot of accessories in either Nordic or Japanese rooms, as these styles are all about functionality. To bring the Japandi style into your space, choose some statement accessories very carefully and only take a few. If you rely on natural elements like plants to liven up the interior, they are a good idea for either style. Another idea is to add accents with chic natural materials such as stone. When decorating a bathroom, you can place the bathtub on a large stone slab with a raw edge – a strong wow factor is guaranteed! Elsewhere, you can put some stone stands where you want and display something.

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