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Inout Outdoor Collection

It is getting warmer and warmer and it is high time to think about how you are going to decorate and furnish the outdoor areas this year. No idea? Here is a furniture collection that might interest you!

The Italian designer Paola Navone expanded her InOut collection for Gervasoni. This furniture brings interior elegance to the outdoors. The new pieces, including loungers, chairs, dining tables, and end tables, are design driven and aim to bring out the same relaxing atmosphere that you find in your home.

The collection uses materials such as braided fiber, wood, ceramic, cement and various fabrics in unexpected ways to increase the uniqueness of each design and add texture and a chic feel. Navone continues to expand the collection with numerous styles, shapes and colors with which almost every patio, veranda or terrace can be equipped. There are more classic and modern pieces with a touch of primitivism that is trending now.

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