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Innovative Portable Heaters

Baby it’s cold outside It’s time to warm up your room and a heater is always a good idea. Though portable electric heaters aren’t known for their aesthetic caché, let alone double the performance. Tubes Radiiatori changes all that with the ingenious plug-and-play collection of innovative electric heating for the middle of the season.

The premise is ingeniously simple: Provide targeted heat for the “off-season”, those transition times in autumn and spring when it is slightly cold in the house but not cold enough to justify global heat. The electrical plug & play heating consists of four individual units, each of which offers instant point heating and at the same time performs a separate additional function.

The sculptural origami is a folding umbrella and a heated towel rail. Sublime Scaletta is ideal for warming towels or drying clothes. The freestanding Milan is a true work of art that deserves its maintenance through its aesthetics alone. And Square Bench is like a mini coffee table and offers practical support or a seat for a moment of relaxation. The Plug & Play collection for electrical heating is an innovative concept that combines aesthetics with intelligent energy consumption.

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