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Industrial Vintage Kitchen Design

As you are preparing for a kitchen renovation, this can be a great source of inspiration for you. Renovated by New York-based interior designer Monique Gibson, this atmospheric space is the best example of a stylish, atmospheric decorating kitchen that is hugely popular today.

The space is decorated in an industrial and vintage style, and what I love most is the contrast between the whitewashed brick walls and the black furniture and ceiling beams. The floors are also whitewashed, but made of wood. The designer chose white as the main color and kept the room atmospheric with black-framed windows and a door, as well as dark countertops and furniture.

The shelves are made of warm wood, and the furniture is mounted on metal legs and castors to give it a vintage look and to be durable and stable. Vintage wooden dishes and dishes stay in the style of the kitchen, and there are some plants and green spaces to liven them up. If you guys like trendy, moody rooms, you are sure to love this one too! It’s full of gorgeous ideas to steal, get your pin button ready!

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