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Industrial Minimalist Loft

This Chicago apartment, with volumes of wood and steel embedded in an exposed concrete structure, was designed by local company Vladimir Radutny Architects to create a spacious home for a couple.

The architect kept the space black and added structural details like the concrete ceiling and pillars during the overhaul. The studio then added a number of built-in units to improve the layout. These additions include a raised wooden platform on the main level that is present in the kitchen, part of the living room, and the bedroom. This platform provides an advantage for a more intimate furniture arrangement and a backdrop for plants and life items collected throughout the client’s life. A black steel cube hides the bedroom and acts as a visual anchor in the living room. Panels open to reveal multiple uses, including storing a television.

The various inserts also act as transition zones from the first step into the kitchen and conceal secondary functions. Laundry and mechanics, for example, are also integrated into these quantities. White cabinets and counters in the kitchen reflect the natural light of the loft and contrast with the exposed brick walls elsewhere. White can also be seen in the bedroom closet and bathrooms, alongside an abundance of wood that is used to create a cozy feel.

Other updates include a new staircase design with concrete steps on the floor and slender wooden planks that lead higher up the wall. The upper level functions as a sleeping loft for visitors as well as the couple’s work area. The apartment has one bathroom on this floor and two on the main level.

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