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Industrial Kitchen Islands

If your kitchen is industrial or if you want to give the space an industrial touch, an industrial kitchen island is exactly what you need. Sometimes even a modern or glamorous kitchen needs such a piece to relax the ambience, create less pathos and create a contrast.

Concrete kitchen islands

Concrete is a very industrial material, and a sculptural concrete kitchen island will make a stylish statement and add a more modern feel to the room. It can be rocked not only in an industrial space, but also in a modern, minimalist, rustic and many other areas – create a bold contrast by choosing just one kitchen island that will stand out from the rest. Your kitchen island can be made entirely of concrete with sculptural shapes and lines or made of wood with a concrete top, which is very durable. Such kitchen islands usually don’t offer storage space, but you can have a breakfast room or even use the island as a dining table.

Metal and wooden kitchen islands

Metal and wood are a perfect combination for an industrial kitchen island. Such a piece gives the room a vintage feel. If you need it, go for pipes and a wooden top. It’s a win-win combination. Add castors to make the island portable and make some shelves for storage – and you get a super functional piece to rock! Another idea is a more laconic look: blackened metal and wood panels including the countertop. Add a breakfast or dining area to the island to add functionality to the item. Opting for a fully wooden kitchen island is also an option, but I highly recommend using boxes and the like, or artificially adding ages and inscriptions to the island to make it industrial. Enjoy!

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