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Industrial Inspired Stockholm Home

Massimo Buster Minale, founder of Buster + Punch, recently turned his personal property in the suburbs of Stockholm into an urban-style loft. Minale originally intended to demolish the house and start over, but in the end decided to do some renovation and restructuring to create his desired family home.

The house has an abundance of bespoke designs from the London studio that hark back to its industrial roots, including an auto repair shop and the brand’s signature LED buster lights. Minale opted for a monochrome color palette, inspired by traditional Swedish interiors, to blend a piece of local heritage. The industrial advantage of the house runs through the space with an open steel beam construction and metal stairs. In true Buster + Punch style, one of the house’s outstanding features is a car garage in car glass that can be viewed from the inside. There are three purpose-built motorcycles in the garage by Minale. This is the first product that inspired him to start Buster + Punch.

The kitchen has a sprawling island with plenty of storage space designed by Minale and the Buster + Punch team. Textured new and vintage pieces of furniture offset the industrial feel, including a worn out Eames lounge chair in the first edition that originally belonged to Terminal’s father. In one of the bathrooms, Minale has repainted and installed a vintage bathtub against a wood top and marble backdrop, while the other takes a more traditional approach to bathing.

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