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Industrial Home Moody Color

Three Stories North is not a typical project as the nontraditional home has an industrial past and several renovations have already been made. Splinter Society’s architecture was tasked with transforming the building into a home while highlighting and focusing on the original character. One of the bigger parts of the project was exposing the brick structure that gives the house its warehouse aesthetic.

At one point the property consisted of two townhouses separated by a wall on all three floors. Now open, the wall acts as a circulation axis between the individual floors on which the stairs hang. Many of the original features, such as the arched doors and chimneys, have been saved and reused. Imperfections in the brick walls repeatedly gave the new room character.

The house is divided into three sections – half consists of the public areas, a quarter consists of the private areas, and a quarter consists of the massive open void that overlooks the three floors and the entrance. The front of the house remains traditional, while the new entrance courtyard with its three-story glass wall is modern. The glass facade brings much-needed daylight into the interior. An oversized front door was made from 140 year old wooden beams that were salvaged during the demolition. The private areas are much cozier than the rest of the house with black details and recycled wood used to warm the rooms.

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