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Indoor Outdoor Living Ideas

Embrace the trend of indoor and outdoor living by creating attractive garden areas that perfectly match your interior. The weather really inspires this way of life now, but how can you make your outdoor spaces inviting? Here are some ideas and options.

Exterior surfaces

There are several outdoor floor coverings to choose from, depending on your wishes and needs. Non-slip tiles are great for areas likely to get wet, while cement-based variations like screed have added durability. Mosaic tiles, especially Moroccan style, will make your outdoor space more eye-catching and bold and will help you highlight some parts. Tiling with grass in between will add a more natural feel to your outdoor area. If you want to add a warm, homely feel to your space, outdoor rugs are versatile and provide cushioning for children playing on the floor.

Outdoor lounges

Gone are the days of plastic patio furniture and lumpy seat cushions that fade in the sun. The latest patio furniture is beautiful as it is durable, and has a variety of statement offerings that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Rock comfortable furniture and items that can be carried indoors when the outdoor season is over. Create an indoor space – a living room or dining room, or both – and give it a cozy feel indoors. Create a relaxing space by arranging your seating around a central point – like a coffee or dining table, fire pit, rug, or swimming pool.

Outdoor accessories

Give your porch a personal, lively feel with tactile additions that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. From woven organic lampshades and baskets to bold wax prints, earthy stoneware and classic wood furniture, this is modern outdoor design at its best. Small things make a lot, so accessories make your outdoor space very inviting. Add candle lanterns, layered rugs, potted greens and flowers, add colorful pillows and voila – your outdoor lounge is super inviting, you won’t want to leave!

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