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Incorporate Maps Into Home Decor

If you are an avid traveler, you might want to pour your passion into home decor. You can easily do this with your travel finds, coins, photos, and maps – yes, all maps of the places you’ve been and where you want to go. We have prepared some great ideas to decorate your home with cards in style. Take a look!

Map wall art pieces

A map wall art is a simple idea of ​​filling in a blank wall to add charm and interest to the room. It can be a big world or any other map, framed or not, in any color and appearance – shape it and give it a look that suits your space. An oversized vintage map of your city or town is a cool idea. You can choose a region, or a map, or a world map that marks the places you’ve been to. Get creative with your map – do some string wall art, a large map with pieces of wood or a sheet of cork that doubles as map wall art, a map with hex tiles, and light up the spots you’ve been with LED lights.

Card furniture and decor

Open the door to the new worlds every time you enter the room – cover the door with a card instead of ordinary glass! Take an ordinary dresser and uncouple it with a card you love to add leather handles and you have a cool piece for a boho room. You can opt for card-inspired upholstery for whatever parts you like – upholstered chairs, sofas, stools, stools. A large jar with a map application can be used to save money for a vacation or to collect coins from different countries.

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