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Impressive Bedrooms With Brick Walls

Brick walls bring industrial chic to the room and look organic with any style from minimalist and industrial to shabby chic and vintage. You can add just one wall as a decor element to your bedroom, or you can make the entire room out of brick – it depends on what you want to add and what style you have chosen. Some people think that brick walls are primarily intended for male spaces, but that’s not true – it’s a great touch for any room, even a female one. Bricks can be different colors, so finding a brick for your color scheme is easy. Check out some examples below and find your own!

Faux Brick Walls

If you don’t have original brick walls and some are quite difficult to put in, go for artificial bricks. An artificial brick wall can be created using a mural, wallpaper, and panels. You can paint the panels any look or give them a different look with paints and primers. Modern murals and panels look very catchy and natural, do not require special care and do not develop mold, which is common with real bricks.

Real brick walls

Real bricks are a super trendy idea for any room in your home. Using the original fairing or remodeling it is a great idea that you will never regret. In bedrooms, headboard walls are usually chosen to add an accent. But you can also try one of the side panels. Painting or whitewashing the bricks depending on the style of your bedroom is a cool idea. You can give it all bold colors – fuchsia, teal, mustard or traditionally with gray, neutral, red or black. Check out the amazing ideas below and get inspired!

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