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Ikeas Ypperlig Collection

IKEA and Hay have released a series of images that show the full range of furniture and housewares from their collaboration. The Ypperlig collection will appear in October 2017. The aim was to change the perception of IKEA quality and design and to make something more complex simpler and therefore better and cheaper.

The collection of more than 30 pieces ranges from furniture to small accessories such as vases, candle holders and blankets. Key pieces in the collection include Hay’s take on a Scandinavian plank table and a sofa inspired by a vintage piece from the 1950s, but made from a single molded piece of foam. This also includes Hays redesign of the legendary blue and yellow Frakta bag from IKEA made of white and forest green fabric with forest green straps. The dimensions have been retained and new patterns and colors have been added to celebrate these iconic products. Get inspired looking at them below!

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