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Ikeas Vintage Collection

What started as a small post-order business run by a teenage boy on a bike has certainly grown over the past 75 years. To celebrate its 75th anniversary, IKEA has launched a range of furniture that includes redesigned pieces from the 1950s to 2000s. The Gratulera range includes three different collections that showcase some of the Swedish giant’s most popular and well-known products from the past 75 years in three collections that focus on the 50-60s, 70-80s and finally the 90s.

Each start is different from the other and indicates the time period. From dark woods with a classic expression to a very playful style with bold colors to a more natural look with natural Scandinavian woods and graphic colors.

The collection includes armchairs, side tables, lighting and textiles in different variations. The EKENÄSET armchair, FÄRGSTARK rug and BJURÅN chair are some of the iconic products that have been brought back with several other products that have been updated with new names, colors, materials and functions.

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