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Ikeas Spanst For Young People

If you’re a young person with an active lifestyle, check out this new furniture collection from IKEA and Los Angeles-based designer Chris Stamp. The area is called SPÄNST, which means elasticity in Swedish, and for a reason.

SPÄNST integrates street culture in a fluid way and is characterized by the typical style of the designer: monochrome and minimalist designs. For the first time, IKEA will offer products such as a basketball hoop and a skateboard. For furniture, Stamp created a shielded cabinet to better showcase it. The collection includes materials such as wood, leather and plexiglass to give the items a fresh and angular look.

The SPÄNST collection is an attempt to reach young people by looking at furnishings from a slightly different angle. This collection allows people to store and display their belongings at the same time as many of them want to show other people the clothes, shoes and accessories that they have. The series also contains some sport-related items such as bags or skateboards. It’s a new way of thinking with a minimalist design and a monochrome color palette, and each piece is very stylish, get inspired guys!

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