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Ikea Tarva Dresser In Home Decor Cool Ideas

IKEA is one of the most famous furniture brands and we keep sharing some of their creations and ways to hack and use them indoors. Today we are going to talk about the fabulous Tarva chest of drawers and their versions, made by different owners and designers. This timeless dresser is great for any interior and you can chop it up however you like: paint and spray it and of course change the knobs as they often add a lot to the decor. It can be minimal, Scandinavian, retro, modern, glamorous, or anything else – just hack it as you need and enjoy!

Colorful IKEA Tarva dresser hacks

If you love bold colors, there are many options! First of all, you can paint your Tarva however you want: in a solid color, with an ombre effect, with a gradient effect, geometric patterns or any other picture and stencil that you like. You can decorate your dresser with inlays, trimmings, stickers, wallpaper, and even light-colored fabric, and highlight the new look with pretty handles, buttons, or pulls that you see fit. If you need a mobile part, put your tarva on casters – this is a great idea for a home bar.

Other IKEA Tarva Dresser Hacks

Coloring is a timeless idea, as wood is always in trend and Tarva chests of drawers are already lightly stained. You can opt for heavier and darker shades. Combine the coloring with different colors: white, black, brown, pink, blue and others for a brighter and more contrasting object. Make more drawers if necessary, switch handles and knobs, reach for catchy legs – hairpin drawers are all the rage right now. Stenciling, adding rollers, geometric patterns, and so much more – there are so many hacks you can do! Check out the creative ideas below and do your own renovation!

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