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Ikea Shoe Cabinet Hacks

We just can’t get enough of IKEA hacks! Today’s round-up is devoted to the best IKEA shoe cabinet hacks – let’s design your entryway at its best without sacrificing space.

IKEA Bissa Cabinet Hacks

IKEA Bissa is a sleek and very simple little shoe cabinet that can be used in your entrance area. You can even chop this tiny piece in a number of different ways to make it more suitable. Painting the case is the most obvious idea, and you can add knobs or handles too – these are missing in the basic version. Cover the cabinet with a waterfall wood board for a rich look, or use contact paper such as paper. B. Marble to make it look expensive.

IKEA Hemnes Cabinet Hacks

Hemnes shoe cabinets are also very simple and easy storage items, and how can you hack them to suit your interior? Painting and staining is the most popular idea for changing the look of the piece you want. Pick a color that suits your space and add a contrasting countertop to make the piece stand out. To create a rustic feel, just color it in with some pretty shade. Switching over buttons and handles can be enough for a fresh look too, and it won’t take long. Some other ideas could include wood paneling, covering with contact paper with any print including wood texture, etc. – use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind piece!

IKEA Trones Cabinet Hacks

IKEA Trones is a neutral piece that takes up little space as it is flat and ideal for storing shoes. How do I personalize it? If you are not happy with the color, repaint it or decorate it with decoupage. Add a tabletop that matches your space: light wood, richly colored wood, whitewashed wood, and so on. You can also switch doors and add buttons or pulls for more convenience.

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