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Ikea Ottoman And Pouf Hacks

Every living room, even the smallest, needs an ottoman, a stool or at least a floor cushion. If you don’t have one and are not ready to buy something, it’s high time to do it yourself! We have prepared a number of ideas for making your own IKEA items – renovating an existing item or creating a new IKEA item. Immerse yourself!

IKEA ottoman and stool hacks

Which IKEA items can you renovate? There are actually a lot of ideas to choose from, but we picked IKEA Bosnas and Karlstad to show how to repeat them. When you take Bosnas, you can simply add a new protective cover that will perfectly suit your interior. When you have a Karlstad on hand, renovate it with the fabric you like. All other IKEA stools and footstools can be freshened up with new fabrics and spray paints – spray the legs if you have them.

Ottomans and stools from IKEA items

If you don’t have a ready-made ottoman or ottoman on hand, make your own with what you own! One of the most popular pieces for renovation are IKEA lacquer coffee tables, which can be painted and upholstered to match your living room. You can also add a protective case if you need a very quick hack. IKEA Vittsjo tables are a great base to create a fresh and chic ottoman or even an upholstered bench. Add a cushioned pillow and spray the frame with spray paint for a cool look. IKEA Knagglig boxes, IKEA Frosta stools and other items can be transformed into stylish stools. You can also sew some ottoman with IKEA fabrics and inserts, or renovate an existing piece with IKEA fabrics or carpets. Add a touch of style to your living room!

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