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Ikea Nightstand Hacks

A bedside table is a must for any bedroom: you can put all the little things you need there and easily find them. Even if your bedroom is tiny, you can have a small floating bedside table or shelf – today we’re going to show you these and many other possible options from IKEA items! Here you will not only find IKEA bedside table hacks, but also bedside tables made from other IKEA parts. Let yourself be inspired!

IKEA Nightstand Hacks

When you have an IKEA bedside table ready, repeat it to give it a new life! Whether it’s an IKEA Hemnes, Tarva, Malm or any other bedside table, hacking won’t be that difficult: take the stain or paint and go! Choose a look that goes with your bedroom decor and create your own new piece. If you stain the whole piece, its legs or drawers, or paint and repaint some parts or the whole and of course add new handles or pulls, your bedside table will become a new piece. You can also put contact paper in the drawers or open storage rooms for a more catchy look.

Bedside tables from IKEA items

No bedside table? Don’t worry, if you have some IKEA items on hand, you can make one. First of all, these are IKEA snap-in and Tarva dressers, which can be renovated in a number of ways to create a bedside table – they offer lots of storage space – drawers, and you can create open storage spaces too. Color, paint, remove and add drawers, add handles and pulls and make your bedside table amazing! Knagglig boxes, Mosslanda strips, lots of mirrors, Kallax storage units and many other parts from IKEA can be used to make a cool bedside table. Check out the pictures for inspiration!

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