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Ikea Micke Desk

We cannot live without IKEA and their timeless and simple designs! The piece we’re going to talk about today is the Micke desk with a simple and clean look that will fit almost any room. You can combine it with other desks or drawers, or leave it as it is. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate this desk into the interior.


If there’s a girl in the house, use a Micke desk as a vanity: this is a cute solution to go with. Put a Micke desk, a comfortable glamor chair, a couple of mirrors, better lit if the window is wide, the works of art and flowers are yours. You can store makeup in a drawer unit next to the desk or add some acrylic organizers. You can enchant the desk a little: swap the legs for brass or add a pastel touch to the top.

Work area desk

Do you need a workspace? There is nothing like a Micke desk! Place it wherever you want and add a comfortable chair, artwork, pin boards and shelves. Place a drawer unit from the same collection to use for storage. What is so cool about the Micke desk is that it looks very universal and easily fits into many interiors, from glamorous to moody. Do you think it doesn’t fit very well? No problem, hack your micke desk to make it perfect. There are tons of tutorials for you to try. Sometimes it is enough just to change the color of the drawer.

writing desk

Micke desk can become a beautiful learning piece for your children’s room, it is ideal for children. If you have a modern or Scandinavian interior, you can leave the desk as it is, but if not – let your imagination run wild and hack the desk. Add a pop of bold color to the desk to keep the kids excited and make learning more fun. These can be colorful drawers, tops or just edges. Add shelves or drawers for storage.

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