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Ikea Headboard Hacks

Your bedroom is perhaps the most important room in your house because this is where you relax, this is where you wake up and a mood for the whole day. That is why it is important to keep your bedroom cool and stylish, and your bed should be super comfortable and functional when needed – this is the centerpiece of the room. Although many beds these days come without a headboard, you can make one or chop an existing one to add decorative value and functionality to the bed. I’ve prepared some cool IKEA headboard hacks to inspire you: some of them are IKEA headboard hacks, others are common headboards that have been revamped with IKEA items – check it out and do some crafting!

Headboards with storage space

Storage headboards are very practical: they offer additional storage space and you no longer have bedside tables! This is a perfect idea for a small bedroom and any large one too if you want a sleek, minimalist look. To get some storage space, you can make a headboard out of IKEA Trones cabinets – this is a very effective idea. Take a mandal headboard and add shelves for open storage. Attach Ribba or Mosslanda strips to the headboard to create hidden storage space. Two Alex units with a wooden countertop are a cool idea to store lots of things in.

Upholstered headboards

An upholstered headboard is a timeless classic that gives the room a soft and cozy feeling and, depending on the fabric chosen, something different. You can try different colors, patterns, and fabrics to suit your bedroom style and make a bold statement with your headboard. You can also wrap your headboard in weave – go for leather or whatever fabric you like and you’ll give it a ’70s-inspired look. Combine upholstery and add storage space in your headboard for maximum result!

Other headboards

Make an angular headboard out of cane webbing and Ivar panels – sugar cane is very popular right now and it gives the space an outdoor feel. Bekant office panels can be used to create a stylish, oversized statement headboard. Dress up an existing headboard in weathered wood for a rustic feel. Make a comfortable and trendy headboard out of a common pillow that hangs right on the wall – this will add an edgy touch to your bedroom.

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