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Ikea Hacks For Your Entryway

IKEA is perhaps one of the most famous furniture brands that offers simple and neutral furniture designs that work well in modern interiors. However, if you want, you can customize them to suit your space. There are tons of ideas and tutorials out there for hacking an IKEA piece for any room that changes, and doesn’t change, its function. Today we’re looking at a few ways you can hack IKEA furniture and items for your entryway. Let yourself be inspired!

Entrance benches

The most popular piece to place in an entryway is a bench that is convenient for both sitting and storage. You can take IKEA Mockelby, Skogsta, Bjursta or any other bench or even a table and then just repaint, stencil or even upholster the bench to make it more comfortable to sit on. Use all kinds of colors and fabrics that will go perfectly with your space. You can add metallic accents to just the legs or paint the whole piece. You can swap out the table top or seat for a better one – a contrasting color or an upholstered one – and try many more ideas.

Incoming storage units

Storage is very important for any room especially for entrances where you need to wear your scarves, hats, hats, gloves and all kinds of shoes that you wear. Entrances are often small and you can’t find a suitable device for all of the accessories, but don’t worry – take an IKEA piece and hack it for a cool storage item.

Let’s start with consoles that don’t have a lot of space but still allow you to put your little things there. IKEA Micke desks tend to be sleek and airy, so they don’t look bulky or require many modifications. IKEA Lisabo desks and IKEA Kallax devices are also nice parts to turn into comfortable consoles that don’t take up much space.

Storage and shoe cabinets and shelves are very important for entrance areas, and IKEA Trones, Metod, Hemnes, Bissa, Expedit, Malm, and Ivar can be hacked into stylish pieces for any entrance area. There are tons of ideas that need to be implemented: painting, stenciling, adding countertops, legs or making floating parts and much more! Get inspired!

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