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Ikea Bathroom Hacks

IKEA may be the most popular piece of furniture in the world, but it’s rather plain and neutral, so many homeowners choose to hack it. Hacking allows you to change not only the look, but also the use of the furniture. In this roundup, you’ll see both types of hacks – and all of them are for bathrooms.


If you need a vanity, you can make it from IKEA items – IKEA Kallax units, Bekvam carts, Hemnes sink cabinets, or even silver ones. Metod cabinets can also be wall mounted to create a stylish floating vanity. How can you hack these items? Stain, repaint, add a chic countertop, make a cutout in the stool to accommodate a sink. Most of these parts have storage space – open storage space – where you can store towels, soaps, and other items.


No bathroom can do without storage units, so you can store Kallax shelves, IKEA lacquer shelves, IKEA trones, Fintorp caddies and other items. Add galvanized pipes to lacquer shelving and create a large shelving system. IKEA trones can be painted and wall-mounted. Organizer holders for toilet paper can be attached to the wall. Pluggis system and Knagglig boxes can be attached to the walls or hooks to hold small things. Get creative and make something that will best suit your bathroom.

Other ideas

Make a mat out of IKEA Platta decking, a Bekvam spice rack can be turned into a toilet paper holder, as can the Grundtail rail. An IKEA Heine bookcase can be turned into a stylish and simple caddy. Various holders and rails can be sprayed with fancy metallic paint to hold your towels and other items. Get more ideas below!

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