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Ight Filled Minimalist Home

The architecture studio 314 designed a house that was to be experienced as a scenographic space – and turned the main volume into a stage on which actors “carry out” their everyday lives. The architects also ensured user privacy by enclosing the house with a curtain-like outer shell with asymmetrical, curvy cutouts. The fence surrounding the property elegantly encloses the building, hugging the volume and completing a theatrical image in the suburban context of Glyfada, Greece.

314 architecture defined the four-storey terraced house with two bedrooms, a master bedroom and an office on the top floor, which is characterized by minimalist, light-flooded interiors. This results in bright, contemporary spaces that are spread across the house. Both the interior and exterior of the building are represented by white surfaces like white marble and white painted concrete for the floors and stairs.

On the entrance level is the dining and living area, which shares the same open space as the kitchen. The living room fills a double height space with one of the bedrooms facing it. The extensive sliding glass doors give you an excellent view of the garden and the outdoor pool area and seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor areas.

On the second floor there are two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. One of them overlooks the living area, which makes the interior more dynamic and interesting to read while maintaining the connection between the rooms. The design of the bedrooms is also dominated by white surfaces, minimalism and brightness. The highlight are appealing mirrors with points of light that point to stars in the night sky.

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