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Ideas To Pull Off Color

If you want to fill your home with color but don’t know what ideas and tips to use and how to decide, this roundup is for you. We found three most popular and cool ways to rock colors in your room with style and chic.

Neutral space with splashes of color

A neutral room is ideal for adding color to it. It can be cream, white, beige, light brown, with lots of natural wood, and even light green – all of these are neutral. Update the room with any color. Just don’t choose many – two or three at most. You can add colorful artwork, pillows, furniture, blankets, tablecloths, curtains, carpets, and other small items to the room. Any room can be freshened up so easily and you can swap out the bright touches whenever you want.

Multi-colored room

If you want lots of lights, you can go for a colorful room – mix them all up as you like! Rock statement walls and colorful furniture, bright works of art and statuettes, bold textiles and other things. You can incorporate some prints or block out the color to make the room cooler and bolder, or spice up your space with metallics. Neon signs and marquee lights make your space more inspiring and inviting.

Monochromatic room in a strong color

If you want to pull off your favorite color, choose a monochrome room in a bold shade that you like. It can be any color – pink, blue, green, yellow, mustard, rust, red, or any other. The idea is to rock the room in different shades of this solid color, creating a continuous space in a solid color. It can be a bathroom, living room, kitchen, or any other room. Get inspired!

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