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How To Use Color And Textures In Small Spaces Ideas

While many shy away from using bold colors in small spaces, there is no reason why spatial constraints should limit the imagination. Here are some ideas for rocking bright colors in tiny spaces.

  1. Light splashes of color direct the eye to certain objects instead of pointing out spatial restrictions.
  2. While black is a color that many avoid indoors, when paired with white it can add a sense of depth to the smallest of spaces.
  3. Even darker colors can help to achieve a convincing effect in a small space. Add darker shades of the same color to the palette and the room would look amazing!
  4. Furniture with highlighted linear elements prevents clutter from appearing in a small space. It’s especially effective when it is highlighted in playful colors.

  5. Wood paneling creates a comfortable, cabin-like effect. So do not hesitate to use them in the smallest of spaces.
  6. Playful elements such as colored tiles give character even to cramped spaces.

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