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How To Use Apothecary Cabinets

There’s a hot decor trend that’s popping up in home decor and it’s rocking an antique piece of furniture to make a statement and add a sophisticated touch. And it is not only suitable for vintage or sophisticated interiors, in modern rooms vintage furniture looks even more eye-catching and cool. We’ve already shown some ideas for building in vintage chests and cabinets, and today I’d like to show you how to rock another popular thing: an apothecary cabinet. If you have one, you’re in luck, don’t throw it away, let’s see how you can use it to add an edgy touch to your interior.

Entrance console table

Most entrances have enough space for a console table – large or small. Take your apothecary cabinet and hack it as needed – add some texture to sand it or paint it the color you want. A pharmacy cabinet is a great addition to an entryway because it has plenty of storage space both inside and above. If you don’t have a pharmacy cabinet, you can take IKEA Rast and just turn it into one – it will be a cute and simple console.

Living room console table

Most living rooms have space, and some even require a console table as a room divider, and a pharmacy cabinet is an ideal item to use as such. Find out which look you want: an industrial vintage, a rustic vintage, or a shabby chic, and hack your pharmacy cabinet accordingly. If you want a shabby chic apothecary cabinet, rock pastel colors and sand it up a bit. Add metal frames and matching handles for an industrial touch. To achieve a rustic look, you can choose different shades.

Kitchen islands and counters

Pharmacy cabinets can turn into beautiful kitchen islands and just storage items – they look very structured and eye-catching. You can paint or color it any way you want and such a closet guarantees you have plenty of storage space. You can also chop your piece and build some open shelves in it – for bedding, plates and dishes and other things. Get inspired and rock this cool piece in your home!

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