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How To Rock Ikea Hyllis Shelves In Your Interior

IKEA Hyllis is a cool shelf that can be used in many modern rooms, both indoors and outdoors. It needs to be attached to the wall and the back wall has pre-drilled holes to make it easier. The supplied plastic feet protect the floor from scratches. In fact, you can use it anywhere: in a nursery, in a kitchen, in a home office, in a living room, even in your garden shed. It’s ideal for storing books, dishes, various accessories and even firewood. The piece is very functional and durable because it is made of metal. You can spray it if you like or leave it as it is. Just do what is more harmonious for your space.

Using IKEA Hyllis shelves

IKEA Hyllis shelves are great for any room you can place them in! Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, entrance areas, dining areas, children’s rooms and home offices can easily be supplemented with Hyllis shelves. They are durable and very functional. You can store everything from kitchen gadgets and groceries to files with documents, potted plants and lots of greenery. Add castors to make your piece mobile and move it to an awkward corner to take advantage of that little space too. Hyllis shelving is about simplicity, industrial feel and durability as it is made of metal.

IKEA Hyllis hacks

How do I hack IKEA Hyllis? First, you can spray it – with gold or copper spray paint, for example – and it gives the device a glamorous feel. Second, you can decorate the shelves – cover with contact paper or paint them in mint, pink, or any other color. You can also replace the shelves with glass or wood shelves if they fit your space much better. Thirdly, you can convert the shelf into another part – a clothes rack for an entrance area or a hanging shelf for potted greenery and plants. Get more ideas below!

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