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How To Refresh A Black Kitchen

Black is a classic color that is very trendy these days and you can see many moody rooms with black as the main color. Black kitchens aren’t that rare these days, but they can look somber, depressed, and boring if you don’t get the design right. How do I avoid such effects and ultimately make your kitchen bold and super stylish? Here are some ideas to liven up a black kitchen, take a look!


Wood is the best material to warm up and make the room cozy, and it goes perfectly with a black kitchen. Opt for a wooden floor and ceiling – these will make your kitchen stand out, especially if you use light wood tones. Try a wooden backsplash which is a trendy idea. If you’re hesitant about the durability, cover it with glass or even use tiles that imitate wood. Opt for upper or lower wooden cabinets – just switch doors and you get a new kitchen! Swap out your countertops for wood panels and this inexpensive idea will fundamentally change the look of your space.

Black and white

White is the best partner for black. With such a high-contrast combination, you can create any timeless space – these colors never go out of style. You can try white countertops and a backsplash, hang a white lamp or lamps, go for a white dining table, or replace black cabinets with white ones – top only or bottom only. Another idea is to change or repaint your kitchen island in white – statement kitchen islands that stand out from the rest of the kitchen are all the rage.


Metallics never go out of style, just like black and white, and what you should definitely be doing with your black or black and white kitchen is adding metallics. You can go for metal handles, metal tiles, metal countertops, metal lamps, chairs, stools, and many other items that you like. Match the metals perfectly or choose a main that is built in more often and another as a minor metal that is less incorporated. Get inspired!

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