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How To Pick A Dining Table

A dining table is the main piece in your dining area that defines the style and overall space. There are plenty of catchy options out there that you can use to make a statement, but choosing a dining table needs to be done carefully because the table is such a large, space-defining piece.

Shopping for a dining table can take a day or weeks, depending on how much time you spend on the project each day and how many options you want to sort through. Sometimes you can find exactly the right piece right away and sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes you even want to make a dining table yourself if the price is too high or if you can’t find what you want. How do I find or make a table that fits perfectly?

Be aware of the size of your dining area

The most distinctive feature of the dining table is its size. The size of your dining room will of course be a big factor in the size of your table. First, measure the room where you want to put the dining table.

If you want more space to walk around when you’re not entertaining, consider drop leaf or extendable dining table designs too. This allows you to remove part of the table or fold a part down if you need extra space. This is especially useful for smaller dining rooms.

Choose a style and material

Your next step is choosing the style you want for a dining table. All dining tables have specific details in material and construction that enhance certain styles for certain room types. Classic homes work well with rich wood textures like mahogany and dark espresso surfaces. Contemporary homes work well with minimal and modern styles. Industrial styles work well for a dining table that uses metal elements like stainless steel table legs, etc. – there are many styles and types of tables to choose from!

Margin notes

As an aside, many open concept home designs do not have a designated dining area. Instead, create a dining area wherever you put the table. Visual elements such as a floor carpet can create a certain organization in the room. Smaller and more streamlined tables usually work in this style as they don’t overwhelm or clutter the open space.

Remember, when looking for a larger piece of furniture it is often an intuitive process. Sometimes the right piece just “speaks” to you. Keep the style of your room in mind and it can be easier to find the perfect piece.

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