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How To Mix Metals In The Interior

In our modern world, there is literally no room without metals in the decor, and I’m not just talking about bathrooms or kitchens, the rest of the rooms have some metallic accents too. Decorating with metal is now a popular idea. Brass, copper and nickel surfaces can be seen everywhere. It is quite difficult to keep the space down to a single metal, and changing all of the metallic details is a little too expensive. Mixing metals in a room is against the rules of stylish decor, but you can rock them in a chic way so that all metals look good. How do I mix different metals in a room to keep it stylish? Here are some tips and ideas.

Choose a dominant metal

When planning your decor and colors, choose the metal that you want to dominate here. It can be copper for a trendy feel or brass for a glamorous touch, possibly stainless steel for a clean, modern look. This metal will be the main metal here, and you should rock most of the metallic details on it, they will accentuate and support the look. Other touches may include other types and shades of metal, but most of them stay in the dominant metal and try not to mix many of them – 2 or 3 is enough.

Match the finishes

In order for the different metals to look great together, you will need the same finish to unify the look. You can opt for a polished finish for a shiny touch or simply a satin finish that will blend the light fixture with the rest of the decor instead of standing out. The type of finish you choose should match the style you have chosen and the effect you want to achieve: polished surfaces work well for a trendy and bold look, and for a modern and contemporary feel in the Satin finishes work best in the mid-century. There’s also an oil finish that adds a touch of antiquity to the room, and it’s great for vintage and sophisticated interiors.

Highlight the statement piece

You can choose a focal point in the room and somehow make it stand out. It can just be a large piece, such as a large device or a large mirror in a metal frame, or you can highlight this piece with various decorative elements and other metals to make it stand out.

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