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How To Make Home Cozier

It is now the middle of winter and many of us are hiding in our cozy homes from the pale colors and the cold of winter outside. If you think your home is not cozy enough, you can easily add some in just a few minutes. I’m going to show you a few ways to do this.

Cozy corners

Open layouts are everyone’s love, but large open spaces in winter feel cold and forbidding. Arrange furniture so that it has a few cozy nooks and crannies and screens, shelves, and furniture will help you organize this. The easiest and most popular idea here is to use a windowsill if it’s big enough to sit or lie on – just put some pillows and blankets on the windowsill and voila! If there is a cooler inside, it is even more convenient.

Warm textures

Not enough warmth? Add warm and cozy textures, for example faux fur or chunky knit. Wool blankets, duvets, plush pillows and furniture covers make even the coldest room cozier and more inviting. When choosing large items, keep them neutral. If they’re small, try bold shades for a harmonious look.

Winter neutral or white

White or warm neutrals are very wintery. When you use them as decor, they definitely create a mood that looks cozy and chic. They don’t make your interior colder, they just give it a winter feel and make it cozier than before.


Lights are necessary to create mood and cosiness, but nothing can be better than candles! Candles in all types of candlesticks and in your artificial fireplace are exactly what you need in winter, and in fact, they are always up to date in any other time of the year. Find or make candle holders to match your decor or make an artificial fireplace to display and imitate fire. You won’t regret that!


Comfort and coziness are not just about a pleasant appearance, but also about smells. What can bring cosiness in winter? Warm up and add flavorful flavors like cinnamon, coffee, herbs, citrus and other things. To bring them to your home, you can use aroma lamps or just candles. If you don’t have a smell, make your own candle! Pomanders have an amazing smell so don’t hesitate to use them for decor and just a cool look.

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